Power Paste

Power Paste

  • PowerPaste is a chemical-free cleaning and polishing compound. While it works great with a scrub sponge and other sponges for cleaning, this paste is abrasive on it’s own and does not require a scrubber or kitchen sponge to work its magic.
  • Natural grit enhances dish scrubber efficacy and helps even ordinary dish sponge products to remove stubborn residue.
    This multi use cleaning agent cleans, polishes and protects surfaces of all kinds. Great for use all around the home. It also works well on bathroom tiles when paired with a bathroom scrubber.
  • Dye-Free Scrub Mommy Included – Scrub Mommy is a two sided cleaning sponge that resists odors. Dye-free Scrub Mommy is made with no added colorants and is top rack dishwasher safe.
  • To use, generate a foam by swirling a dampened Scrub Mommy into the paste. Apply the foam to grease, soap scum, mildew or limescale stained surfaces. Rinse clean. Works wonders with sponges for dishes that have stubborn stains.



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